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A performance, working with Sonny Haron (performer) and Aidan Foster (film director) while I was the photographer, acted as Sonny’s guide.


We wanted to rein act Stuart Brisley, Moments of Decision / Indecision performance but place a modern twist on it. Sonny was naked and shaved his beard to cleanse, the use of water and a shaver was used as symbolism of this. I wanted to take away

his eyesight and create struggle in relation to Stuart Brisley, by blindfolding and tying up his hands. The Tate gallery writes “he chose black and white paint because they make the work ‘unreal’; they are symbolic in philosophical rather than emotional or social terms (red or blue would have carried these meanings)” (London 1984). We then used this information and followed the same concept to show the implied meaning. Sonny attempted to transfer the black and white paint on him onto the wall at the end of the room without aid. As the title refers, I the photographer became the ‘decision’. Sonny, the photographed subject moving at will, but unable to see became the ‘indecision’.



Moments of Decision/Indecision film.



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